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  • Boys and men: the best of British animation at Encounters 2015

    Jez Stewart on the atavistic native visions at Bristol this year, from Richard Williams’ hand-drawn rendition of ancient-Greek warfare to an EDL dad, a neanderthal id, a sad young wool-mation cannibal and an anachronistic woolly mammoth.

    Jez Stewart
    Wednesday 21 October 2015


  • Make it big: Louis Theroux, Simon Chinn and My Scientology Movie

    TV or cinema? When Britain’s slyest small-screen inquisitor teams up with the two-time Oscar-winning producer of crossover documentary features, which way does the result lean, wonders Edward Lawrenson?

    Edward Lawrenson
    Saturday 17 October 2015


  • London 2015: Shorts, centre-stage

    How high are the sundry highlights nominated for the London Film Festival’s new Short Film Award? Alex Dudok de Wit took a look.

    Alex Dudok de Wit
    Thursday 15 October 2015


  • What makes a good casting director? Laura Rosenthal and the indefinable art

    After a London Film Festival audience with the woman who helps Todd Haynes, Kelly Reichardt and Paolo Sorrentino pick their actors, Thirza Wakefield reflects on the lack of critical discourse around this elusive profession.

    Thirza Wakefield
    Wednesday 14 October 2015


  • The big-top blowout – Guy Maddin at the IMAX, London 2015

    The mad magpie of Canadian cinema went down the rabbit hole at London’s biggest screen with The Forbidden Room, a pulsating extravaganza of mock movie reclamation. Virginie Selavy reports on our LFF Experimenta gala, and his ensuing LFF Connects talk.

    Virginie Sélavy
    Tuesday 13 October 2015


  • Three of the best at Camden 2015

    Nick Pinkerton on three motley ethnographic missives – featuring rugby-playing Kiwi cowhands, roisterous Innuit YouTubers and public servants gone to seed in the Democratic Republic of Congo – at Maine’s festival safe harbour for cinematic documentaries.

    Nick Pinkerton
    Monday 12 October 2015


  • Rendezvous with Chantal Akerman

    Nick James pays tribute to the slow-awing minimalist sights and resonant sounds of the late Chantal Akerman’s cinema.

    Nick James
    Wednesday 7 October 2015


  • Chantal Akerman, guiding light

    Robert Greene reflects on the formative influence of the late, fearless visionary and perennial hero.

    Robert Greene
    Wednesday 7 October 2015


  • Radical Bristol 2015: back to the cinema of the future?

    Four decades after Bristol hosted its inaugural festival of radical independent cinema – is it time for a second try, asks Tim Hayes?

    Tim Hayes
    Wednesday 7 October 2015


  • FrightFest 2015: Critics’ roundtable post-mortem

    From crazy ladies and final girls to fables of confinement and madness and a resurgence of British grand guignol, this year’s London horror-film showcase had plenty to chew over – as Anton Bitel, Kim Newman and Virginie Selavy demonstrate.

    Anton Bitel, Kim Newman, Virginie Sélavy
    Wednesday 30 September 2015


131 - 140 of 603


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