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  • Mania Akbari on Close-up

    The filmmaker Mania Akbari, who played the driver-protagonist of Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten in 2002, remembers her first encounter with his life-changing cinema.

    Mania Akbari
    Friday 8 July 2016


  • Abbas and me

    Geoff Andrew remembers the private side of the late Abbas Kiarostami.

    Geoff Andrew
    Wednesday 6 July 2016


  • Robin Hardy, 1929-2016

    Vic Pratt remembers the director of The Wicker Man, an indefatigable creative communicator and joker.

    Vic Pratt
    Tuesday 5 July 2016


  • Abbas Kiarostami, 1940-2016

    The most celebrated of Iranian filmmakers, Abbas Kiarostami expanded the frame of documentary and narrative fiction forms in human dramas that resonated with international audiences, writes Ehsan Koshbakht.

    Ehsan Khoshbakht
    Tuesday 5 July 2016


  • Michael Cimino, 1939-2016

    Tom Charity on the Oscar-winning writer-director of The Deer Hunter and Heaven’s Gate: an artist whose extravagance served to shut the door on Hollywood’s 1970s golden age.

    Tom Charity
    Tuesday 5 July 2016


  • Home of the weak: Out of the Past and four ways of framing film noir

    How can we define films noir? Are they really all about fatalism, and gynophobia – or could the richest of them actually hint at what it means to lose the rat race, asks Brad Stevens?

    Brad Stevens
    Thursday 30 June 2016


  • Always for pleasure: the adventures of Bill and Turner Ross

    Two prodigies of American documentary’s digital revolution, the Ross brothers beckon you aboard their wagon. Robert Greene is on already.

    Robert Greene
    Wednesday 22 June 2016


  • Look back in wonder: FLARE 2016 critics’ roundtable

    On its thirtieth anniversary, the erstwhile London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival had plenty to reflect on, from biopics and revionist histories and rereleases to the new places queer cinema is going. Claire Kurylowski, Sophie Mayer and Ben Walters share notes in this podcast.

    Claire Kurylowski, Sophie Mayer, Ben Walters
    Monday 20 June 2016


  • Warland of hypnosis and knowledge: Ukraine in the mirror

    “Divided in mind” as well as in identity, Ukrainians get to see themselves on screen at their DocuDays film festival, which has valiantly nurtured a media-savvy audience over the past 14 years. This year, of course, provided plenty to open eyes and minds, reports Eero Tammi.

    Eero Tammi
    Monday 20 June 2016


  • Closer: Sundance London 2016

    After three years in the hinterlands and a year off to take stock, the premiere US indie showcase finally popped up in the heart of the capital with a hit-and-miss taster programme of premieres and talks. So what kind of outreach is this, asks Simran Hans?

    Simran Hans
    Thursday 16 June 2016


31 - 40 of 572


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