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  • Fantasia 2013: Montreal’s monster convocation

    From Vietnamese martial arts / sex melodrama / musicals to Richard Stanley’s forays around Cathar country, mumblegore entryists and the exploits of horror’s knight-errant Andrzej Zulawski, fantasy cinema once again consumed Canada’s second city this summer, reports Nick Pinkerton.

    Nick Pinkerton
    Thursday 12 September 2013


  • Venice 2013: Come in, come out of the sun

    More waterlogged poise from Taiwan’s Tsai Ming-Liang, castration fun from Kim Ki-Duk and winning portraits of directors Sam Fuller, James Benning and Richard Linklater stood out on a slow Lido, reports Nick James.

    Nick James
    Thursday 12 September 2013


  • Alive and spinning: Only the Young

    Robert Greene on why a gentle portrait of three skateboarding California teens marks the cutting edge of nonfiction cinema.

    Robert Greene
    Wednesday 11 September 2013


  • TV’s a crowd

    Do television’s collective values hobble its artistic potential, asks Brad Stevens?

    Brad Stevens
    Tuesday 10 September 2013


  • Truth, lies and admin: At Berkeley, The Unknown Known and The Armstrong Lie

    The University of Berkeley hosts Fred Wiseman’s entreaty for open communication – while Errol Morris and Alex Gibney hit the big American stone walls of Donald Rumsfeld and Lance Armstrong, finds Ashley Clark.

    Ashley Clark
    Monday 9 September 2013


  • Venice 2013: week one high-water marks

    Nick James on grim Greek tragedy Miss Violence, Tokyo prostitution fable The Shape of Night and Kelly Reichardt’s Night Movies at a Biennale otherwise overshadowed by its own past glories.

    Nick James
    Tuesday 3 September 2013


  • Blowing their own alphorn: Swiss musical documentaries

    A sidebar at this year’s New Horizons film festival in Wrocław showcased another Swiss specialism: putting on film the world’s music and sounds, at home and abroad. Agnieszka Gratza reports.

    Agnieszka Gratza
    Friday 23 August 2013


  • Karen Black, 1939-2013

    Peter Tonguette on the soul of the 1970s’ New American Cinema.

    Peter Tonguette
    Thursday 15 August 2013


  • Sheila Whitaker, 1936-2013

    Clyde Jeavons on the BFI archivist turned committed and ground-breaking writer and programmer who brought the London Film Festival to a wider public.

    Clyde Jeavons
    Monday 12 August 2013


  • From the Magazine

    Editorial: Rough cuts

    The 10 per cent cut in the BFI’s grant is five per cent more than other cultural institutions. Why, asks Nick James?

    Nick James
    Wednesday 7 August 2013


431 - 440 of 711


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