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  • Light of day: Raoul Coutard on shooting film for Jean-Luc Godard

    In tribute to the great French New Wave cinematographer Raoul Coutard, who has died aged 92, we republish this 1965 reminiscence about how he learnt to ‘keep it simple’, Godard-style.

    Raoul Coutard
    Wednesday 9 November 2016


  • Cinephilia down the ages: a Museum of the Everyday

    An exhibition devoted to obsessive and quirky records of cinemagoing reveals how film fandom, and geekery, have transformed over the past century, finds Pamela Hutchinson.

    Pamela Hutchinson
    Tuesday 8 November 2016


  • From the Magazine

    How the French birthed film noir

    Harder, deeper, darker: Ginette Vincendeau on how the French fused urban realism, underclass romance and shadow politics to produce some of the cinema’s keynote fatal fantasies.

    Ginette Vincendeau
    Friday 4 November 2016

    Deep Focus

  • Why is it so hard to see East Asian films in UK cinemas?

    A few years back, East Asian cinema experienced a boom in popularity, but these days, most titles find it difficult to get even a small release in the UK. Can audiences learn to embrace Eastern cinema once again, asks Anton Bitel?

    Anton Bitel
    Monday 31 October 2016


  • Hex appeal: how witches charmed the cinema

    Witches are not just for Halloween, or for horror movies. Charlotte Richardson Andrews celebrates the screen’s sexier, more sisterly sorceresses: symbols of divine feminine magic and healing rather than bloodthirsty she-devils. With video by Leigh Singer.

    Charlotte Richardson Andrews, Leigh Singer
    Friday 28 October 2016


  • From the Magazine

    Ingrid Bergman’s early years

    Ingrid Bergman was always first and foremost an actor rather than a star, and her formative years on screen in Sweden, and later Germany, shaped the remarkable talent that would soon make her a Hollywood legend, says Pamela Hutchinson.

    Pamela Hutchinson
    Tuesday 18 October 2016


  • 10 screenwriting tips from Maren Ade

    The German comedy-drama Toni Erdmann has been delighting audiences since the film premiered in Cannes earlier this year. Here the film’s writer-director, Maren Ade, delves into her intricate creative process. By Isabel Stevens.

    Isabel Stevens
    Monday 17 October 2016


  • We have never been Star Trek

    Gerry Canavan slingshots around a lifetime of allegiance to the Star Trek Ideal – and the series’ very fallible reality.

    Gerry Canavan
    Thursday 8 September 2016


  • Where no fan had gone before: 50 years of Trekkies

    You want audience engagement? As Star Trek turns 50, Kevin Lyons looks back at the ‘mother fandom’.

    Kevin Lyons
    Thursday 1 September 2016


  • The Projectionists

    Inside out: eight images of the industry that underpinned old-school movie magic, from a series by Richard Nicholson.

    Nick Bradshaw, Richard Nicholson
    Friday 5 August 2016

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